Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Relational database concepts and exercises

We will discuss the main concepts of relation database design in class

Please take a the main blog content on relational databases

Then you will be required to create a small relational database for invasive species. You will work in groups of three.

Please take a look at the invasive species database task - note this year this is not one of your course assignments so you will not be required to include all the details we will set up the tables for the database as an

Compulsory reading

Paul J. Morris (2005) Relational Database Design and Implementation for Biodiversity Informatics. You will find all the concepts in the introductory section of the paper. It then goes on to discuss the specialized taxonomic database concepts.
Bruce Maxim SQL Design and Implementation (ppt) this power point discusses SQL which we will take a look at in class and use in the exercise below.

There are also additional readings on the main blog page  

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